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Our expertise ensures that you have the right set of tools for your business which saves you both time and money


Process hundreds of gigabytes to get new insights into your data.

Realtime Syncronization

Conflict-free distributed data replication.


Reactive, animated dashboards and visualizations.


Cross platform development with React Native.


Deploy your own custom networks and server infractructure security audit.


Migrate your system to using of Docker & Kubernetes.

Our work

Sample use cases we've built using

Reports for

We processed hundreds of gigabytes of sales records in to give customers of the e-commerce platform quick access to their's aggregated data, follow the trends and plan accordingly.

All of this was done in a modular way, decoupled from the core functionality and seamlessly integrated right into the existing user interface.

Technology used: PostgeSQL, Elasticsearch.

Brick & Portal iOS app

Together with we created a mobile application for a social commerce platform.

Features included: contacts, camera access, social networks auth.

Technology used: React Native, Redux.

Frontend for

Rich user interface for a service which analyses your social health. Visualisation of the social graph and close relationships.

Technology used: clojurescript, re-frame, d3js.

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We're small now, but this makes communication highly effecient.

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